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President Jaime Marckwordt won a Vermeil at StampShow 2004 for his one-frame exhibit Guatemala: The Quetzal Air Mails of 1935-1939. These stamps were designed by his grandfather, Carlos Marckwordt.
  A selection of Guatemalan Postmarks, 1871-1902, 1871-1902, prepared for the European Academy of Philately's June 2005 show in Bern, Switzerland, by Cécile Gruson.
A Society Exhibit for the Washington 2006 Stampshow. Prepared by members of the ISGC, David Jickling, coordinator.
   A seven frame exhibit by David Fine "Guatemalan Auxiliary Markings, 1898-1963". This is a large PDF file, the wait while it loads is worth it.
   An 8 frame exhibit by Dr. Andrew Cheung "Guatemala Airmail 1924-1945". Another large PDF file, again worth the wait.
  Guatemala "The Classics", the pre-UPU issues 3/1/1871 - 7/31/1881. By Max Platinga.
  Central America Pre-Stamp Postal Markings, from the colonial Period during the crown's administration (1767-1821) and post-independence (1821-1874). By Robert Lebow.
 Railbond Guatemala: 1886 'Railway Bond' Issue. Exhibit by Richard Gurevitch, via Andrew Cheung.
Guatemala's Master Designer/Engraver: Arnoldo Chavarry Arrue   by Michael Bloom

This exhibit celebrates the philatelic achievements of the most prolific designer and engraver of the stamps of Guatemala: J. Arnoldo Chavarry Arrue.

Guatemala: The UPU Resplendent Quetzals, 1881 - 1886   by Michael Bloom

The purpose of this exhibit is to tell the story of some of the most beautiful stamps in all of philately - the ''UPU Resplendent Quetzals."

PDF file of the Perf Presention Washington 2006 from Washington 2006.