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     AP Cover March 2019   

    Member David Lindwall's article
    got Guatemala? was published in
     the March 2019 issue of
    The American Philatelist. APS members
     may read the article online here.

   Topical Time cover

   The March/April issue of Topical Time,
   the journal of the Americal Topical
   Association, contains two articles on
   Mayan topics on stamps.

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    Upcoming Events




President Jaime Marckwordt won a Vermeil at StampShow 2004 for his one-frame exhibit Guatemala: The Quetzal Air Mails of 1935-1939. These stamps were designed by his grandfather, Carlos Marckwordt.
  A selection of Guatemalan Postmarks, 1871-1902, 1871-1902, prepared for the European Academy of Philately's June 2005 show in Bern, Switzerland, by Cécile Gruson.
A Society Exhibit for the Washington 2006 Stampshow. Prepared by members of the ISGC, David Jickling, coordinator.
   A seven frame exhibit by David Fine "Guatemalan Auxiliary Markings, 1898-1963". This is a large PDF file, the wait while it loads is worth it.
   An 8 frame exhibit by Dr. Andrew Cheung "Guatemala Airmail 1924-1945". Another large PDF file, again worth the wait.
  Guatemala "The Classics", the pre-UPU issues 3/1/1871 - 7/31/1881. By Max Platinga.
  Central America Pre-Stamp Postal Markings, from the colonial Period during the crown's administration (1767-1821) and post-independence (1821-1874). By Robert Lebow.
 Railbond Guatemala: 1886 'Railway Bond' Issue. Exhibit by Richard Gurevitch, via Andrew Cheung.
Guatemala's Master Designer/Engraver: Arnoldo Chavarry Arrue   by Michael Bloom

This exhibit celebrates the philatelic achievements of the most prolific designer and engraver of the stamps of Guatemala: J. Arnoldo Chavarry Arrue.

Guatemala: The UPU Resplendent Quetzals, 1881 - 1886   by Michael Bloom

The purpose of this exhibit is to tell the story of some of the most beautiful stamps in all of philately - the ''UPU Resplendent Quetzals."

Die 2farbige Quetzal Ausgabe von Guatemala 1881 1886
(The 2-Color Quetzal Issue of Guatemala)
by Werner Hintze
In German

PDF file of the 
Perf Presention Washington 2006 from Washington 2006.